For 26-year-old Aman from Mumbai, going for a stroll after dinner is part of his daily routine. And just like any other day, he went for the same on Sunday night along with his brother near Kanjumarg east. But little did he know that he would find an abandoned baby left next to a garbage dump. But thanks to his quick thinking, coupled with compassion and kind-heartedness, the baby was rescued within no time.

Aman aka Hemant Sharma, found a baby wrapped in a shawl inside an auto-rickshaw which was standing next to a garbage bin. Barely 15-20 days old, the baby girl child was shivering when he took her in his arms. Sharma dialled 100 but failed to contact the police. So he posted about it on Twitter. Thankfully, the police then swung into action and the baby was taken to safety.  

‘Shocked to find an abandoned baby’

“When I heard her cries, I first thought it must be a kitten. Since I am an animal lover, I decided to look for it,” he said.

But he was taken aback when he found that it was actually a baby who was in desperate need of help. 

“I was shocked when I found the baby inside the auto-rickshaw. I have never come across any such incident in my life. You only see this in old Hindi films,” he said.

Many passers-by came to him. Some even waited for a minute. But none came forward for help. On the contrary, many yelled at him for holding the baby.

Passers-by didn’t come for help 

“Why are you touching the baby…Why do you want to get into legal hassles,” were some of the rude questions that he encountered.

“I paid no heed to any of them and kept the baby in my arms because she was shivering,” he said.

He then tried calling the police helpline but wasn’t able to get through. It was then when he decided to take the help of social media. He then posted about it on Twitter and simultaneously asked his brother to go to the nearest police station.  

“I know the power of social media which is why I took to Twitter. And thankfully, Mumbai Police responded,” he said.

A police van then came to their help after which they were taken to the nearest police station. Later, two youngsters also joined them to assist the duo.

At the police station, the cops were initially scared to hold the baby as she was shivering. “I somehow felt that she was comfortable in my arms,” he added. He was later assured that the baby will be taken to Sion hospital and will be given the requisite medical treatment.

Aman wasn’t apprehensive about holding the baby in his arms as he says he loves kids. “I take care of my sister’s seven-month-old baby. I am friends with the kids in my locality. So I know how all of this is done,” he said.

His family was also supportive of what he did. “They were first anxious when I reached home late last night. But when I told them everything, they said they are proud of me,” he said.

‘Will ensure her safe custody’

Aman now has to visit the hospital where the baby has been admitted. He is keeping in touch with the police to check with the legal formalities.

“Once she is perfectly fine, I will make sure she is in the safe custody of a registered orphanage,” he said.