Chennai residents have been doing all they can to restore normalcy to the city and in some cases the aid transcends boundaries laid down by religion.

Like in the case of the members of Muslim group Jammat E Islami Hind who have taken up the task of cleaning parts of the city, even those that they’re not expected to clean up.

They’ve cleaned mosques but they’ve also been helping in the cleaning of temples. The group has already helped clean temples in Kottupuram and Saidapet areas of the metropolis over the the last two days, reported The Hindu .

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Wondering why you didn’t hear of it earlier? Because the group has been working without drawing attention to themselves.

The group also explained why they were cleaning temples despite not being expected to.

“We find Hindus are unable to worship at temples in some areas because they have been severely affected owing to floods. So, we cleaned the mosques and temples and the streets badly damaged in the two areas,” Peer Mohammed, a member of the group told the Hindu.

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