Protests are not the only way to get the attention of administration or authorities to get the roads renovated. This Pakistani artist has used the other way to get a pothole filled.

Frustrated by ignorance of local government to fix potholes, he has taken matters into his own hands, but has taken the ‘dirty approach’ by drawing crude penises around Islamabad’s potholes to take on the ‘car-eating potholes’, Pakistani website ViewStorm reported.


The mystery artists seems inspired by Brit street artist ‘Wanksy’ (a wordplay on the word Bansky and the verb ‘wank’), who drew artistic penises across the Manchester’s potholes.

When Wanksy was interviewed by BBC, this is what he hadsaid:

“[The potholes] don’t get filled. They’ll be there for months. Suddenly you draw something amusing around it, everyone sees it, and it either gets reported or fixed.”

Twitter has also responded to mystery artist’s art.