The government has declared a severe flood situation in Patna as the city drowns in dangerous levels of water. While people have taken to social media to post pictures of the flood collect relief funds and help those in need, an NIFT student decided to do something different.

The student had a ‘sexy’ photoshoot by standing next to cars stuck in the floods and posed in knee-deep water to raise eyebrows about the neglected situation of the state.

Shot by photographer, Saurav Anuraj, the photographs garnered a lot of negative attention on Twitter and Instagram where people asked them to help those in need instead of getting pictures clicked, some were even offended by the images. 

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It was not that easy. Jinko lg rha bs ye ek photoshoot tha wo dekh le ek message ke liye kitna krna padta hai ghar baith ke balcony se video banana aur kisi ko criticise krna kitna asan hota kabhi yahan aake dekho kya halat hota hai. Kisi ko shauk nhi hota aise jagah jake shoot krne ka jaahan nala ka pani ho khaskar ek model ke liye wahan jake pose krna. Bs yaad rakho sabka apna tarika Hota hai har cheez ko dikhane ka. Thank you for the bts videos . . . . #patnacity #ekbihari #heypatna #patnadiaries #patnabr #travelrealindia #instagram #indiapictures #sauravanuraj #everydayindia #meowstudio #biharsehai #patnabeats #indiabeats #flood #orangealert #biharfloods #bihar #patnaindia #biharexplore #behindthescenes #bts #beforeandafter #toughtimes #prayforbihar

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However, the photographer clarified in a Facebook post that the purpose behind the photo shoot was to create awareness around the floods in Bihar.

The intent behind the shoot was to draw public attention towards the floods of Bihar. When there are floods in other states, people from all over the country come forward to help. There isn’t much mention of the floods in Bihar, in both national and international media. If you share a normal picture of a flood on social media, people see it, comment ‘So Sad’ and move on. I wanted people to stop and look at the pictures, so I did a photo shoot.

After everything Bihar is going through, here’s hoping the state recovers from this natural disaster soon.