S Kavitha, the special officer for the Harur Sugar Mill in Dharampuri Chennai, was found playing Candy Crush on her cell phone at the monthly farmers grievance redressal day meeting in Dharmapuri on Friday August 31.

What was even more surprising was that, she was sitting right next to the district collector while she was deeply engrossed in crushing digital candies. Sweet!

“We are enquiring about it. As she is of DRO rank, we cannot take direct action against her. We asked her for an explanation within 10 days. Once we get it, we will forward it to the Public Department, as they only can take action. We have already informed the department,” the District Collector K Vivekanandan told The New Indian Express .

Here is a video that shows her playing the app-based popular game.

“Usually government policies are against farmers, but now even officials appointed to look after the welfare of farmers seem indifferent,” said DT Saravanan, a farmer in Thokkampatti.