At the stroke of midnight in Bengaluru on Saturday, women were chased, groped, assaulted by groups of men in a prominent location of the city and in the presence of 1,500 policemen.

Could it get any worse?

While the nation across celebrated New Year in revelry, women in Bengaluru were running with their heels in hands to escape the ‘mass molestation’ spree that a few men launched. Soon after the incident made news, another horrific video of a woman getting molested by two men in Kammanhill area of the city surfaced. In such a scenario, a different map of India seems to be doing the rounds of social media.

In spite of first-hand accounts and numerous images, it is shocking that the Bengaluru authorities seem to be conflicted on whether women were molested that day or not, and equally surprising are the reactions to this new map. Here are a few: