A young IAS officer has sparked outrage on social media and earned a lot of contempt after a picture of him went viral. 

Dr Jagdish Sonkar, who is the sub-divisional magistrate of Ramanujganj in Balrampur district, was caught on camera casually standing with his left foot resting on the steel rail of a hospital bed while talking to the mother of a sick child.

Many patients and hospital staff were reportedly angry with him for his uncivil manners and one of them then clicked a photo, and posted it on social media. And it went viral.

The issue was also raised with the Chief Minister of Chattisgarh CM Raman Singh who has promised action against him and also said he will instruct the chief secretary to teach him manners.

Meanwhile, the rebukes on Twitter for his unwanted gesture have still not stopped with people calling him insensitive and questioning the nature of this ‘elite’ profession

There were some who felt that the whole issue was blown out of proportion and that the IAS officer should not be judged so harshly

After the backlash, Sonkar told Hindustan Times  that he went to the hospital with good intentions. “My action was unintentional and avoidable,” he added.