Companies which have more women as managers produce less carbon than the ones where men are in managerial positions, a new research says. The research has been published by the Bank for International Settlements.


Now, the study suggests that hiring more women for the workforce is beneficial, not only for gender diversity and board level, but throughout the business. It even saves the planet, so let’s say yay to girl power!

The research study analyzed a decade, from 2009 to 2019, of around 2000 listed companies in 24 advanced economies. Th results showed an inversely proportional equation with hiring women managers and carbon emissions: with 1-percentage point increase in women managers, 0.5% carbon emissions decreases. 

“This effect is robust controlling for institutional differences due to culture and religion,” said the researchers, Yener Altunbas, Leonardo Gambacorta, Alessio Reghezza and Giulio Velliscig. 

They even found that women managers are more inclined towards environmental protection than the male managers are, which comes into play when they have to select the most suitable strategies to achieve their objectives.

Not surprisingly enough, the study also said that this happens as women are more likely to keep in consideration the overall societal well-being. Nothing new there. 

Turns out it’s being proven everyday how women do stuff better (laughs in woman).