While a bunch of us are enjoying the comfort of being home and staying close to our family while working, it’s not the same for frontline workers. Therefore, it becomes important to recognise and praise their efforts.

To celebrate the hard work of their employees, this US restaurant’s owners decided to shut the outlet for a week and take all its employees on a vacation!

Ramen House Louisville, a Kentucky oriental eatery, put up a message on its social media notifying its customers that they will be closed for a week. The reason will totally melt your heart.

Saying that their employees deserve a break, they wrote on their Facebook page:

Sorry, we are closed this week. Our employees have worked so hard and diligently through all the crazy times we went through. They deserve a break. So we’ve decided to take them to Vegas. We will return next week during normal business hours. Till then.

According to a report by KLTV, Jonathan Ham, owner of the restaurant, said that nearly a dozen employees went on the Vegas trip. He said that he used his own finances to buy their plane tickets and lodging. He also stated that the employees who couldn’t go, received bonuses.

I just don’t think it should be all about the money. For the most part, all of my people love working for this restaurant. They believe in it and they all have that accountability where they feel like it’s part of them and that’s what I wanted to instil and this is just a thank you gesture.

-Jonathan Ham

It goes without saying that their sweet gesture went viral and won the internet. So much so, that a Vegas restaurant invited them for a free of cost meal. Thanking Manizza’s Pizza Parlor’s on IG, the restaurant staff said they will surely come back.

Here’s how the netizens reacted:


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