This story of a rickshaw driver in Mumbai, who drove all the way to passenger’s home to return their forgotten belongings, reinforces in our heads the honest image of maximum city.  

The 24-year-old rickshaw driver, Guddu Gupta, drove for at least two hours on Saturday to track the owners after finding a passenger’s forgotten bag in his vehicle, reports Times of India.

b’Source: Twitter/@Oneindia’


Gupta found the bag in his auto rickshaw. He was not sure of the owners and only after checking the particulars in the bag discovered that it belonged to a couple, Mukhtar Ahmed Idrisi and his wife, he ferried from Kurla railway terminus. The bag contained  Rs. 3000, gold jewellery, bank documents and insurance papers.

“I was not sure I would be able to find the passengers,” Gupta told TOI.

Gupta immediately headed back to Bharat Nagar in Bandra-Kurla Complex where he had dropped the couple. He was accompanied by Officials of Bandra Kurla Complex police station who helped him trace the couple at around 10 pm.

b’Source: PTI’

“We realized that we had forgotten the bag after we stepped into our house. Around 10pm, we got a pleasant surprise when a few policeman along with the rickshaw driver came looking for us. Gupta refused to accept the reward we wanted to give him for his honesty. Mukhtar told TOI.

No wonder, Mumbai was ranked as the most honest city in India and the second-most honest city in the world following a unique social experiment.