It is a well-known fact that cracking UPSC exams is no child’s play and especially for the people who come from weak financial background it becomes a real struggle.

But, the 28-year-old Dalit scholar Sandeep Kumar, who is a son of a rickshaw puller beat all odds to crack the prestigious civil service exams, reported Indian Express

“I have always wanted to be a civil servant. I believe that to represent my community and to formulate policies that are more inclusive across caste lines, people from the backward classes need to have a bigger presence in the services,” he told the newspaper.

It was his father’s death which pushed him to do well in the exams so that he could support his family. He currently lives in a transit camp for slum dwellers displaced from Kathputli Colony in west Delhi, the report adds.

Due to financial constraint, he could not attend coaching classes and he prepared for the exams all by himself in a 10×12 ft room.

b’Source: PTI’

Kumar also had to leave his job as an accountant where he was earning Rs 5,000 a month to concentrate on the exam. 

But eventually his efforts paid off and his story has now inspired many children of migrant labourers in his neighbourhood to prepare for the exams.

(Feature Image Source: Twitter/Indian Express)