Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad on Thursday was flying from Pune To Delhi. He says he had a business class ticket. But horror of horrors, his ticket was changed to an economy section one, because there was no business class on the aircraft sent to Pune, reports Hindustan Times

It never stopped the MP from boarding the flight. But when the flight landed at Delhi at 10 am, the minister did what any logical-thinking aggrieved customer would do. 

He refused to get off the plane. 

He refused requests and so the airline staff called in the airline’s security personnel so that the flight could be vacated, cleaned and go ahead to its next destination. 

But the honourable MP must have thought he was fighting for his Lok Sabha seat, because he refused to vacate it despite the efforts of the security staff. And to ensure he wouldn’t be forced to deplane, he struck one of them with his slipper. 

A Shiv Sena MP from Osmanabad, Gaekwad, proudly admitted to having hit the airline staff member. 

He also gave multiple interviews to news channels to ensure there was no doubt about it. 

“Yes I hit him. He misbehaved with me. Do you expect me to hear their abuses quietly?” he said. 

It turned out the MP was even keeping count. Gaikwad proudly boasted that he hit the staffer 25 times after the employee threatened to complain about the matter to PM Narendra Modi. 

“I belong to Shiv Sena and not BJP to take such insult sitting down,” Gaekwad said. 

It turns out Air India is also not taking the incident sitting down and has set up a team to investigate the matter. Reports indicated the MP could face an FIR for his actions. 

(Feature Image Source: PTI)