On Wednesday, India Today news anchor Rahul Kanwal invited Hindu Yuva Vahini chief Nagendra Singh Tomar to the studio over the news of a couple allegedly being harassed in Meerut.

Here is Tomar’s relaxed face as he waits to present his side of the argument in favor of the incident in Meerut.

b’Source: India Today’

And here is anchor Rahul Kanwal promising to deliver a mature and naunced debate

Cut to this!

Where the anchor and the guest both resort to finger-pointing and eye-rolling. 

So what happened? 

In the middle of the debate, Kanwal, while slamming the obnoxious ‘moral policing’ incident lost his cool and shouted at his guest: ‘Who are you guys, who are peeping in someone’s bedroom?’

Tomar, who clearly didn’t take that calmly, retaliated in an even angrier and louder tone and denied entering the couple’s bedroom.

Kanwal then accused him of behaving like a ‘goonda’, to which Tomar charged back at him saying that the journalist was lying. Seeing Tomar dominate him in the show, Kanwal scolded him and asked him to keep quiet. 

On this, Nagendra Tomar asked him why he called him on his show when he wanted him to keep quiet. 

The brawl got so terrible that anchor Rahul Kanwal finally asked him to leave his show.

Here is the haughty debate:

And here’s an India Today report on it, titled ‘When Yuva Vahini’s leader Nagendra Singh Tomar nearly came to blows with India Today’s Rahul Kanwal‘.

Meanwhile, Twitter totally enjoyed the showdown and promptly took sides. Some felt that Kanwal’s behaviour was uncalled for and that it was against ‘journalistic ethics’

Some argued that it was ‘pointless’ debating with the Hindu Yuva Vahini chief