As technology progressed, humans devised smartwatches to match modern-day smartphones. 

People obsessed with their health & fitness regime got inclined towards fitness trackers & watches to accommodate their needs. 

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But what if we tell you there's more innovation left on this planet? Yes, according to News18, a prototype wristband will now help people monitor their emotions. 

The creators behind this technology claim this might also become useful for people suffering with depression, anxiety & bipolar disorders in the near future. 

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The wristbadn works the help of a skin response sensor, which allows the wristband to change colour, shape, size and temperature depending on what emotion the user is experiencing.

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If you are already impressed, calm down, only the prototype has been revealed so far. 

The revelation took place during a research presentation at the Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) Conference 2019 in San Diego.

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Apart from the presentation, a test was conducted on the participants, who were asked to wear the prototypes for a duration of 8 to 16 hours.

People were subjected to conversations, jokes and other activities to invoke in-the-moment emotional responses. 

The feeling of happiness, sadness, grief, anger and even fear were used to activate the device. 

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Explaining the prototype, co-author Muhammad Umair from Lancaster University in Britain told News18:

Knowing our emotions and how we can control them are complex skills that many people find it difficult to master. We wanted to create low-cost, simple prototypes to support understanding and engagement with real-time changes in arousal. 

Later, he concluded by saying: 

One of the most striking findings was that the devices helped participants started to identify emotional responses which they had been unable to beforehand, even after only two days. 
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Even though we can't say when this wristband will available in the market, it might be worth the wait.