Given there’s a nationwide debate over holding IPL outside Maharashtra due to the drought in several districts, how could India’s star anchor not be a part of it? 

Arnab Goswami appeared on television screens with his panel of experts as he went after those defending the IPL in Maharashtra. One of them was sports anchor Charu Sharma, who incurred Arnab’s wrath this time.

While Arnab talked about the insensitivity of holding IPL in a time of drought, Charu Sharma took him on asking if the Times Of India group was shutting down all air conditioners which consume water across offices, and had they decided not to bring out news papers, since manufacture of paper consumes water.

At this point Arnab was caught off guard but pulled himself together and made a confession saying, “I like ridiculous arguments”.  That should have been a warning enough for the viewers. 

The entire discussion then went downhill, with Arnab Goswami asking Charu Sharma if he had shaved that morning, since that would consume 300 ml of water.

b’Representational image | Source: PTI’

Charu retaliated by challenging the Times Now editor to list his own personal sacrifices. Arnab Goswami shot back: “I didn’t play holi this year, my entire building did not play holi this year.” 

Epic win sir. Epic. 

Here’s the clip of this insanely remarkable debate that broadened our minds: