The country is experiencing a hike in the unemployment rate and a drop in GDP making it difficult for people to sustain a livelihood. 

Seeing this, a Surat-based builder Prakash Bhalani has provided 42 families with accommodation. 


These are the families who are struggling to pay rent due to a financial crunch. 

He is making them stay at a building that he constructed called Rudraksh Lake Palace and is only charging them Rs 1,500 as a maintenance fee.

ANI/ Indiatimes

Prakash believes in doing his bit for society as a payback. He is even using social media to let more people know about the accommodation facilities provided by him.

We take Rs 1,500 only as maintenance amount in which they are getting WiFi and water facility along with other necessities. We do not take any rent. As many as 42 people are residing here and many more are still joining. 

Till now Prakash has helped 42 families with a house during these tough times and will accommodate more as they come.