I was scrolling through my feed when I came across a page called Anti Feminist Apparels. It is run by an openly sexist entrepreneur and self-proclaimed leader of neo-masculinity, Yogi Oabs. 

Along with his page, he aims to ‘reform’ women and teach them how to behave.

Infamous for propagating his extremely problematic sexist thoughts that blame women for getting raped, this caveman claims to coach people on ‘traditional masculinity’. 

He also believes that “masculinity isn’t toxic, lack of it is”. 

Giving his two cents (read: fuck logic) on his website, this man believes that with his misogynistic powers, he can transform and ‘construct’ any woman into being an obedient slave. 

My area of expertise is in constructing the obedient, submissive housewife. It is commonly assumed that these women are slaves.

Just to be clear, this man basking in the ‘glory’ of patriarchal norms and somehow trying to reinforce that men are the superior sex, is the walking-talking specimen of why we need to start raising our boys right. 

And I am just going to put this out there if someone is still confused. Rape by definition is a forceful sexual act without consent. Whether sober or not, a NO IS A NO. 

So let me get this straight, a woman is supposed to watch ‘what she wears’ because a man can’t bear to fathom the fact that a woman has the choice to dress for herself? Or is it because men are not responsible enough to keep it in their pants? 

Netizens are schooling and trying to drill some sense and logic into Yogi Oabs’ head: 

While women from across the world have been working towards bridging the gender gap by fighting for equality, this ‘traditional, sexist,  privileged ‘ man is the bitter reality of patriarchy who’s living in his own toxic bubble.