There’s no denying that Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is offering us a new improved internet avatar. Through his witty and smooth one-liners, he’s trying to recast himself as a humorous and quirky person. 

Recently, he created quite a buzz on social media when he posted a tweet of his dog Pidi on Twitter. 

The change is of course, a result of the Congress’s recently revamped social media team and a strong PR strategy. And it seems to be working too. His followers on Twitter have shot up from about 2.5 million in July to more than four million now.

All that’s great, albeit one problem. The PR strategy just doesn’t appear to be original and seems heavily inspired/borrowed from that of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

One Twitter user has found striking resemblance between their approach. In a series of tweets, the user who goes by the name, @Pun_Starr has pointed out how Rahul has been repackaging himself on the lines of Trudeau who is one of the most loved politicians in the world. 

Here, both of them are clearly being the cool nerd talking about all sciencey stuff

Just like Trudeau who recently took to the boxing ring for charity and is quite a fit PM, Rahul’s PR team too showed he is a sports aficionado by releasing pictures of him practising Aikido, a Japanese martial arts form.

Oh yes, this always works! Because everybody loves dogs, we still haven’t gotten over Pidi’s adorable face, right?

One reason Trudeau has managed to win so many hearts is because of these small yet significant acts of kindness which always remain etched in people’s memory. Rahul’s PR team seems to be using the same exercise

Whether these are mere coincidences or not, the striking similarities between the two can’t be ignored!