See the thing with Indian food is, many people judge it by its appearance (even though IMO, it is absolutely mouth- watering as well). But once you try it, it’s like you’re snorting it for a lifetime. I mean, who can deny such flavourful food? Definitely not this guy from America, that once claimed that Indian food is ‘terrible.’

Two years ago Tom Nichols, an author from the U.S. had tweeted saying he thinks Indian food is bad. And of course, he received quite the backlash on his post.

But then, things took a turn for the better when former United States attorney Preet Bharara took Tom to an Indian restaurant to help him form a better, more informed opinion. 

After trying the food, lo and behold his outlook changed! He ended up developing quite a liking for Biryani just like every desi person out there. Because how can anyone not like Biryani, right? Here is what he posted in regards to trying Indian food. 

Here are some of the reactions his post received. 

No surprises here, we all knew he just needed to try a hearty desi meal!