Two unidentified assailants stormed into the control room at a metro station in New Delhi, stabbed the station controller and looted Rs 12 lakh cash, reports Hindustan Times.

The incident reportedly occurred around 5.30 am on Monday morning at the Rajendra Place metro station, after the two went past security check unhindered and entered into the paid area, raising serious security concerns. 

Media reports have circulated two CCTV footage released so far. However the police are yet to identity the assailants.

In both the CCTV videos, the two men kept their faces covered with cloth and faced away from the cameras. This indicates that the assailants were well-prepared and possibly knew where the cameras were installed.

Police are suspecting the role of insiders, as the robbers appeared to be aware of the presence of a large amount of cash in the control room and knew what excuses could get them in, reports The Hindu.

A senior official told PTI, “They forcibly entered into the station control room located at the platform on the pretext of a complaint and grabbed the on-duty Station Controller, Kunal Kishore. They stabbed him and took away station earning of around Rs 12 lakh. Meanwhile, Kishore was rushed to a hospital and his condition is presently stable.”

A three-inch-long knife was later recovered from the spot. It’s still a mystery whether they carried the knife to the area or if it was already present there.

The security officials claimed that the men were frisked clean during checking and no knife was found in their baggage too. 

(With inputs from PTI)

(Feature image source: CCTV Video Screengrab)