You must have come across the meme of a girl on a swing, playing happily has everything burnt behind her. Well, that meme has come to life. Except, instead of a child playing on a swing, this is a woman with a very elaborate exercise routine who has gone viral for unwittingly capturing the first few moments of the military coup in Myanmar. 

The Guardian

According to The Guardian, a woman reported to be Khing Hnin Wai is seen working out in the national capital of Naypyidaw without even realising that Black SUVs were driving up to the Assembly of the Union complex behind her. 

The woman doesn’t seem to know what was happening behind her. She kept doing her moves as the cars behind her came to a standstill. Then the barricades are opened and the cars are let through. Speaking to reporters, she said that she had been filming at the location for 11 months

Now, however tragic this event might have been, it obviously looks right out of a dystopian comedy. At least Twitter thinks as much. 

This has been insightful, hasn’t it. In a way, it feels a lot closer to home than I am comfortable to admit.