I am not your sugar. I am not your petrol. I am a human being. With fire in my soul.

It has been a while. A long-unbearable-stinking-while since the time women have been treated like pieces of meat. Yeah, a piece of meat that can be touched, felt, stared at, groped, squeezed, undressed, raped and killed. It’s 2017, and they are still just that; everything but free. 

The incident that took place in Bengaluru on new year’s eve was just a reflection of a society that is still feeding on the perception that fails to see women as human beings. The consequent trending of #NotAllMen did nothing but validated that very sickening reality. How do we fail to see that it isn’t about the city or the fact that #NotAllMen are like that, it is simply about women and their safety. Women aren’t safe. And that is the only point. 

Satshya Anna Tharien from Oddanchatram, Tamil Nadu, took out her anger through a poem and it is simple yet brilliant.

She wrote,

Here’s the poem. You gotta listen to it.

You can feel every word.