During these challenging times when every employee is adapting work-till-you-drop culture during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is extremely important that we maintain a balance between home and office.

After putting up with a heart attack, a HSBC manager based in the United Kingdom vowed to make amendments in his work-life balance through a post on LinkedIn.

Jonathan Frostick, a regulatory programme manager at HSBC, wrote in the post that he suffered a heart attack on a Sunday evening when he sat down at his desk to prep for the week ahead.  


As he sat, he couldn’t breathe. His chest felt constrained and he felt surges in his left arm, neck, and ears. However, instead of seeing his life flash before his eyes, one of his first thoughts was “Fuck. I needed to meet with my manager tomorrow, this isn’t convenient.” 


The 45-year-old wrote that he had vowed that he won’t spend all day on Zoom anymore and will restructure his approach to work. 

I’m really not going to be putting up with any s#%t at work ever again – life literally is too short. I want every day to count for something at work else I’m changing my role

-Jonathan Frostick

The LinkedIn post has garnered more than 219,000 reactions. Responding to some of the more than 11,300 comments on the post, he said that he didn’t expect the post to ‘hit home’ – ‘but he was pleased as it has seemingly helped a lot of people’.


You can check the entire post here.

However, he doesn’t blame HSBC for his health problems.

I don’t think this should reflect badly on the place where I work, I think it’s fairly consistent across the industry, and I think that’s why it’s resonated with so many people. If an organization didn’t want to employ me because I had actually taken a moment to reflect and capture this, then that’s probably not the right place for me to be working.

-Jonathan Frostick

We wish him nothing but a speedy recovery as: