You and I both know we live in a gender-biased society. From education to marital rape, we have a lot to change for our women. But, things are changing slowly, and the story of these three women is a part of that change. 

Adivasi Lives Matter

Meet Onen Nenty from Nagaland, Rosalynn Lushai from Mizoram and Nirmali Nath from Assam who broke all gender stereotypes while travelling across the seven states of the North-East India in seven days. 

What’s more fascinating is they have ridden their bikes covering about 2000 km.

Adivasi Lives Matter

According to Adivasi Lives Matter, the idea was to break gender barriers and redefine the beauty of the North-East. The trio met each other on social media and planned the trip out.  

From 3rd April to 9th April, these three motorcycle enthusiasts traveled across the north to show the beauty and diversity of the states.  

Onen Nenty said she wanted to break the image of what it meant to be a Naga woman. She further added.

“We women are not meant for just the kitchen; Nagas are adventurous and we like to follow our passion. I want to encourage women and tell them to come out of their comfort zones.”

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