While Uttarakhand CM, Tirath Singh Rawat is shaming women for wearing ripped jeans, we can’t help but feel bad for Baba Ramdev, who put in a lot of effort to create the perfect ‘sanskaari’ ripped jeans for women. 


A part of the clothing line by Patanjali, called ‘Patanjali Paridhan products’ these ripped jeans were launched in 2018 to give ‘western’ companies competition. 

Humne phati hui jeans rakhi hai par usme bharatiyata ka dhyan rakha hai. 

-Baba Ramdev to The Print

What does ‘Bharatiyata’ mean? We’re honestly as confused as this journalist from The Print.

When will people stop putting ‘sanskaar’, well-being and ethics in the same basket as clothes? Not until men in power stop telling women how they should dress.  

Watch the full video here:

BRB, going to buy Baba Ramdev’s jeans so CMs stop staring at my legs. 

H/T: The Print for the interview.