Tigers are already endangered and yet, mankind is making no efforts to conserve the species. According to a TOI report, another death was reported in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh where a tiger was electrocuted by a live wire trap. This puts the tiger death toll for this year at 14.


Forest officials believe that this is the work of poachers hunting the tigers for game meat. The officials also added that the poachers line up the live wire trap near water bodies since they know the animals will come there to drink water. 

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Reportedly, two tigers and a leopard have been killed by live wire traps set by poachers in the last two weeks. The killings took place in the Satpura-Maikal landscape of central India which is the world’s largest natural habitat of tigers.

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The report also says that four suspects have been brought in and the forest officials are investigating them. One of the officials said,

Eating game meat is a matter of prestige for many in this region. Since gunshots alert forest guards, electric wires are used.

Mankind is ruthless.

H/T: Times of India