Long-distance relationships can be tough. There can always be so many things that could go wrong. 


But sometimes, every once in a while, people endure and when they do, it’s beautiful. 

Like this Indian bride, whose had her journey with her beau portrayed on her hands in the form of henna tattoos for her wedding. 

The henna design shows her and her fiance as kids in Kolkata where they started dating when they were 16 and how their love prospered over the years. 

It also takes you through her time in New York, when they were far away from each other and yet managed to survive the distance and of course, the time difference to the day they are going to get married. 

You can see the whole story here

It is truly beautiful when love conquers all obstacles and finds its true destiation. 

All the images are screenshots from TikTok creator, Leena Bhushan