TikTok star Sonali Phogat, who is now a BJP leader, has gotten herself embroiled in a controversy by hitting an official with her slipper.

The video of the same is now being shared on Twitter, with people even demanding her arrest.

Sonali was seen fighting with Balsamand Market Committee Secretary Sultan Singh, who, according to her was creating procurement issues for the farmers.

She even alleged that he said demeaning things and used ‘indecent, derogatory language’.

Police was present at the scene but did not do anything to stop her from physically attacking the official.

And while Sonali has said she was trying to teach Sultan Singh a lesson in respecting women, he said that he was never disrespectful to her. 

In a quote given to India Today, he noted that Sonali had made up a false narrative to make him look bad and that she was angry about something else.

Sonali Phogat called me on the side alone and accused me of rebelling against her during assembly elections and started beating me.

Following the fight, Sultan and Sonali registered complaints against each other.