The incident took place at the end of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board at the White House. Once the video of him doing so went viral, people on Twitter couldn’t hold back from cracking the best jokes about it.

The internet was left in splits ever since Mr Donald Trump made a blunder after calling Apple CEO Tim Cook as Tim Apple.

9to5 Mac

But looks like Tim Cook took some jokes too seriously or rather, in good humour.

Because that’s exactly what he did! He changed his name on Twitter and put a logo of Apple in place of his last name. I mean, if the POTUS says something, you gotta do it, right?

Also, it’s a great way to stay viral on the internet.


However, the logo is only visible to people who have a Mac or use iOS. For the rest of us, it just displays a rectangular box next to his first name.


And of course, the internet is at it again!

Even Ivanka Trump joined in on the fun!

Gotta have a good sense of humour!