In today’s episode of how Indian journalists failed us, we have Anjana Om Kashyap, the Senior Executive Editor of Aaj Tak.

Time and again certain journalists have been reminded of the need to respect boundaries and speak truth to power, but they do not appear to have learnt their lessons.

We have compiled a list of times Anjana Om Kashyap’s cutting edge journalism hatched the most awkward scenes.

1. When India’s young diplomat Sneha Dubey showed Anjana Om Kashyap the exit door as she forcefully entered into her office for the ‘big interview’. 

2. The time when she harassed on-duty doctors in Bihar treating children for encephalitis in the ICU, ‘yelling’ at them for the hospital’s condition. 

3. In an attempt to reveal ‘Rhea ka sach” Kashyap described Rhea as a bad girlfriend saying, “Isn’t it the responsibility of the partner, especially when your counterpart is going through mental health issues, doing things like leaving them or blocking their phone. Shouldn’t she take responsibility for the same?”

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4. On Aaj Tak’s Halla Bol, Kashyap slammed Republic TV for the TRP scandal and procliamed, “302 maang rahe the, 420 nikle,” (they were demanding Section 302 [for actor Rhea Chakraborty], while turned out to be fraud themselves).

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Journalists invading into private spaces to push people to give them attention makes them nothing but a subject of ridicule. Let us know what you think in the comments below.