At this point, Indian TV news has become as indescribable as something like love. There is no new way to explain it. You have to feel it. Feel the stupidity, idiocy, and cringe of our news anchors asking the most embarrassing questions to their guests, and hope that you make it out with the same number of brain cells as before.

Here we look at some examples of such questions.

1. When Navika Kumar asked Olympics gold medal winner Neeraj Chopra if he has a girlfriend.

2. And of course, when she asked Saif Ali Khan if Taimur can come and give a flying kiss to the viewers (???). 

It’s Saif’s answer though, which always gets me. He said, “Taimur is doing potty’. 

3. When Rajdeep Sardesai asked Grand Slam winner Sania Mirza when she is going to “get settled”.

Oh, what a blessing it is to know when to stop talking.

4. When Arnab Goswami asked Salman Khan why he is silent on Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise and the resulting drug controversy?! Except, it was less of ‘asking’ and more like ‘going-completely-crazy-for-no-apparent-reason’.

5. Also, this. I am afraid I can’t explain Arnab’s question because I honestly couldn’t make sense of anything he says here. My bad.

6. When Rahul Kanwal asked a BJP minister to sing Vande Mataram on the live telecast. A lot of people like it too, but my point is, this isn’t how I imagine news to look like. We used to have such fights in class 7.

7. And when he asked Hindu Yuva Vahini chief Nagendra Singh Tomar if he likes to enter people’s bedrooms. Actually, it was more like he stated it.

Lord save us from these horrors.