From being attacked, molested and even killed, there’s nothing women haven’t suffered at the hands of men for rejecting unwanted advances and proposals.

It’s time we talk about these instances that happened only because men just couldn’t handle rejection.

1. Nikita Tomar, a 21-year-old girl from Haryana, was shot dead because she refused to marry the accused.

As per reports, Nikita was being forced to convert and marry the accused, Tauseef. He also told the police that he was angry at Nikita as she had stopped taking his calls and responding to his messages.

2.  Malvi Malhotra, a 29-year-old actress, was stabbed by a man allegedly for turning down his marriage proposal.

The incident happened earlier this week, when Malvi was stopped by the accused Yogesh Mahipal Singh, who wanted to talk to her. When she ignored him, he took out a knife and stabbed her thrice. According to her statement to the police, Malvi and Yogesh became friends on Facebook in 2019 and started chatting a lot after that. They even met a few times for coffee.

Later, Yogesh insisted she should marry him. She apparently refused the proposal and started ignoring him.

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3. A 17-year-old girl was assaulted and raped for rejecting a marriage proposal by the accused.

As per reports, the man has been identified as Mahendra. He was in a relationship with the 17-year-old girl and had raped her several times over the past six months. 

Recently, he confronted the girl and her mother and put forth the marriage proposal, which they rejected.

4. A nurse was burnt alive by her boyfriend in Vijaywada after she refused to marry him and tried to end the relationship.

According to local police, the couple had been in a relationship for the past 4 years. Few months ago, the woman decided to end the relationship. However, the man refused to accept the breakup and began stalking and harassing her and tried to force her into marrying him.


5. A married woman was murdered for allegedly rejecting the accused’s proposal for an illicit relationship.

The woman had gone to a forest near her house to collect firewood when she was killed by the 21-year-old man. The woman’s husband told the police that the accused had proposed to her that she have an illicit relationship. She had declined his proposal but he kept stalking her.


6. A 16-year-old girl was threatened with an acid attack for rejecting the accused’s marriage proposal.

The accused reportedly befriended the girl on social media and later coerced her into marrying him.


7. A woman was attacked with acid in Mangaluru after she refused the accused’s marriage proposal.

According to reports, the two were in a relationship, but the woman later refused to carry on with the relationship further. Upset by her rejection, the accused later decided to attack the victim with acid and told her that he is attacking her so that nobody could marry her. 

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8. A newly-wed woman was raped and murdered by her husband for refusing to have sex with him.

The couple had been married for only 40 days before the incident happened. The husband raped and murdered her and dumped the body near a river.


9. A 25-year-old woman was brutally thrashed and gangraped by 4 men in Gurugram for refusing to have sex with all of them.

The victim was allegedly hired by one of the accused for paid sex. He then asked her to have sex with two of his other friends. She refused and tried to flee. The men then brutally thrashed and gang-raped her.

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10. A woman from Maharashtra was repeatedly raped by a cop for 3 years by blackmailing her.

As per reports, the cop had called the woman to a friend’s house in 2017, where she was sexually assaulted. He also filmed a video of the heinous act and later used it to blackmail her into having sex with him for nearly 3 years.

The accused constable was arrested after the woman recently filed a complaint.

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These are just some of the cases that were reported in 2020. Several other incidents happen across the country every day where women never register a formal complaint.

Attacked and assaulted due to rejection, these instances also show the dark side of domestic violence where women were killed or harmed for wanting to leave abusive relationships.

Clearly, men need to learn to accept rejections rather than harming women for being daring enough to say ‘no’.