The Moral Police in India are on a 24*7 duty to save women from harrassment, rape, eve-teasing, basically everything that men do. They have just one job – to ridicule women for short dresses, or to dictate how they should sit or behave in public.

It seems they are doing their job quite well because there is no dearth of such instances in India.

1. A 19-year-old girl was barred from sitting for exam because she went to the centre wearing shorts.

The incident happened in Assam’s Tezpur where the girl had arrived with her father. She lost precious exam time to this nuisance caused by the exam authorities who wouldn’t let her appear for the exam in shorts.

2. A random man stopped two girls in Bengaluru and asked one of them to not wear the type of clothes she was wearing. She was wearing shorts.

The video where the man is heard saying: “You must follow Indian rules; Please wear proper clothes.”, went viral after it was uploaded on Facebook.

3. Actor Samyuktha Hegde was heckled by a group of people while she was working out wearing a sports bra in a public park.

The actor shared a video of a woman charging towards her friend, in order to harm her, on her social media accounts and looked visibly traumatised.

4. Punjab University put up a notice in the girls’ hostel saying that girls have to dress properly when they visit the mess and the canteens of the hostel.


5. An elderly woman questioned the length of a another young woman’s dress at a restaurant in Gurugram.

When the woman and her friends retaliated and confronted the elderly lady, she asked 7-odd men to rape them. The men laughed it off.

6. A group of women in Chennai alleged that the officials at RTO told them to ‘dress appropriately’ for taking the driving test. They were wearing jeans or capris.

The RTO officials refuted these allegations. They apparently told these women that it will be good if men and women took safety and decency into account before appearing for the test.


7. Cricketer Irfan Pathan’s wife was trolled on social media for showing off nail polish and exposing her arms in a burqa.

8. A women’s college in Patna imposed a strict dress code for students and imposing a fine for not wearing salwar-kameez and dupatta.

According to the college principal, the step was taken to discourage students from wearing tight jeans and short dresses as they are “unfit for academic environment”.

9. Some colleges in Mumbai banned ripped or torn jeans and even sleeveless clothes on campus.

This included institutes like St. Xavier’s College, Wilson College, etc.


10. The Maharashtra government banned T-shirts, jeans and slippers for its employees and asked them to refrain from wearing clothes with “deep colours and strange embroidery patterns or pictures”.

11. A student at a Catholic college in Bengaluru was stopped by the Dean for wearing capri in the campus, asked to leave the college, buy new pants and then return.

The woman who shared the incident with the Indian Express also told that the security guards at their college were instructed to turn female students away if they wore anything ‘revealing’. They were also asked to wear white and skin-coloured bras only, lest they ‘enticed boys’.

Indian Express

12. Nargis Fakhri was asked to pin up her neckline by the makers of a TV show because her dress was too revealing for the family audience.

Financial Express

13. Actor Shriya Saran was shamed by a political party and forced to apologise for wearing ‘indecent’ clothes at an event.


When will people stop this moral policing for degrading Indian culture?