Imagine a scenario where you happen to come across the person you had been looking for and the romantic expedition towards a date is abruptly cut short? This is exactly what happened to millions of online suitors, as Tinder (a popular dating app) deleted their matches, thanks to a technical error.

The catastrophe straight out of a lonely heart’s nightmare occurred on Tuesday, when the app admitted to having a technical error blocking several users from logging in. Although this issue was solved, the trouble begin when people found that their matches had been deleted.

While the unexpected glitch on one of the most widely used dating apps gave heartburn to many, Tinder assured its users that the matches are still there and will reappear shortly.

As Tinder tried to comfort users, a lot of them were not taking it lightly and expressed their outrage on social media.

But after all the chaos, Tinder solved the issue and asked users to log in again and retrieve apps, although many complained that their matches were not back.