A Muslim woman called a press meet and divorced her husband in Lucknow after her efforts to get it done through Islamic seminaries did not succeed. 

As per a report by Hindustan Times, she had failed to “free herself from the tortuous marriage” after her pleas were allegedly ignored by the man and clerics.

b’Shajada Khatoon. (Courtesy: HT Photo.)’

Shajada Khatoon, married to Juber Ali, signed a letter for “khula” (divorce) at a press conference in Lucknow on Saturday, PTI reported. “I tried to take ‘khula’ from my husband. I had approached the Islamic seminaries, Nadwa and Firangi Mahal, but did not get any relief,” she claimed.

“That is why, I am signing the ‘khula’ in the public and sending him (the husband) the notice. I am free from him now,” she said. 

The move comes only weeks after Supreme Court banned triple talaq, or instant divorce, whereby a Muslim man could legally divorce his wife by stating the word “talaq” three times in oral, written, or more recently electronic form.

In Islam, a man can take “talaq”, while a woman can part ways with her husband through “khula”.

Khatoon, a schoolteacher by profession, said that her husband Juber Ali, a mechanic, “made her life hell”.  “The torture was so much that I filed a case against him. But that too did not bring relief,” she added.