Millions of hearts were broken and a shocked silence reverberated across the country after the historic upset by Pakistan in the Champions Trophy final in London. The same emotion was echoed by front pages of almost all the newspapers in India the next day, highlighting India’s crushing defeat.

However, The Times Of India opted for a different headline and chose to not stress on India’s loss. While many of you might not know, India came out on tops on the other side of London — in field hockey. 

India ran out 7-1 winners over their old rivals in a World Hockey League at Lee Valley in east London just as Virat Kohli’s cricketers were enduring defeat at the Oval in the south of the city, 10 miles away.

Now this was a move both lauded and trashed by social media users. 

Some readers were not impressed and mocked the newspaper for hiding facts. Users also pointed media’s hypocrisy on hockey coverage which gets little attention on other days, let alone the first page:

Meanwhile, there were others who appreciated the newspaper’s stand