The most common chemical compound names seemed to elude Delhi’s former law minister, and chemical scholar, Jitender Singh Tomar. His police custody was extended for two days on Saturday, June 13 in the fake degree case. Tomar had claimed he had a law degree from a college in UP’s Faizabad.

He also claimed he had studied chemistry at college along with law, yet he appeared befuddled when teachers and cops asked him the most basic chemistry questions. Unable to answer the common names of compounds such as H2O (water) and NaCl (salt), Tomar was embarrassed to no end.

However, nothing was better than his answer to the question on the types of chemistry he studied in college, to which he answered, “A ll chemistry is one chemistry”. Maybe he was being philosophical?

The former minister was taken to his alma mater, so the police could get some proof. However, he ended up digging himself further into the hole. He was unable to find his name in the student register, and took the police team to the wrong classroom in both colleges.

The police also asked him questions on biology and zoology—which he studied at Shivaji College— and some economic theories but he failed to answer correctly.

As hilarious as the story of Tomar is, it should also raise a number of queries in every voters mind. Is this the quality of leaders we are electing? Are we satisfied with such mediocrity?

A political leader is a representation of the people of this country, with every half wit that we vote into office, we risk regressing the development of our society.