This pandemic has changed so many things for us. One among them being the way we see our doctors.

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Working tirelessly and selflessly round the clock and putting their lives at risk amid the coronavirus crisis, they have been hailed as the new superheroes, the world needs.

Since the first reported case of the virus in India, at least 70 doctors have reportedly died on the frontlines of the Covid-19 battlefield and several others continue to risk their lives daily.

Today, we understand their contribution to the world, more than ever.

Today, we do not hesitate in showing them the deserved respect.

Although, it’s sad to see that it took a pandemic for us to understand the importance of doctors, it’s good that we finally did.

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At a time when everyone else is locked in their homes, doctors are the ones tending to patients in hospitals.

They are the ones supporting their patients as families.


They are the ones motivating others and keeping the hope alive.

And all this with nothing much to expect in return.

With scarce resources at hand, doctors willingly provided themselves to save the world from the coronavirus pandemic. Dressed in masks and layers of protective uniform, they continue doing their job despite all the risks.


Despite being more vulnerable to the infection, doctors have been working day and day out, so that we remain safe.

In fact they have always been doing this, but it was only now that we decided to show them what they mean to us.

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Remember, how we gathered in our balconies to clap, bang utensils or ring bells to express our gratitude to medical professionals? 

And how our armed forces paid their respects to the health workers by showering flower petals and playing music?

All of this happened apparently for the first time in centuries. Maybe because we never realised how important doctors are to us. Or maybe because we failed to express gratitude wherever and whenever it was due.

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It’s good we thanked them, but more than that, they need our respect, support and empathy.

During the same pandemic, we have also witnessed instances of attacks on health workers and doctors. There have been incidents when residential societies forced doctors and their families to evict their houses.

It’s not that we haven’t been to doctors before, it’s not that they haven’t saved lives before, it’s just that the realisation has dawned upon the world only now.

Pandemic or not, their selfless service has made millions of lives better. And now that we have realised this, let’s not go back to abusing and inflicting violence on our doctors.

Coz not all angels have wings, some have stethoscopes.