Cases of tourist littering have been the norm for years, despite constant warnings. And ever since Covid restrictions were lifted, stories of tourists flocking hill stations, roaming without masks, and violating social distancing norms have also surfaced online. 

India Today

However, in a clear violation of safety norms, a group of four tourists attacked a crowd with swords in Manali, simply because they were asked to reverse their car. 

As per reports, the four tourists, who belong to Punjab, were asked to reverse their car, because it was causing a traffic jam. Certain reports also cite it as a case of road rage, as the scuffle first broke out when a car overtook their car. 

The four tourists, who can be seen not wearing masks, responded by brandishing swords at the crowd. Reportedly one person was even injured in the attack.

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Currently, the four have been arrested and a case has been registered against them.