With the scorching heat making life extremely difficult for all of us, it is getting tough to just get by with our daily tasks. However, while we sit in our air-conditioned offices, we tend to not realise the fact that there are people out there who have to work in the open. (read: traffic police)

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To make sure that the cops don’t have to work in extreme conditions, the Chhattisgarh Police has decided to provide them with air-conditioned helmets. 

 Director General of Chhattisgarh Police D M Awasthi told PTI

We will be using two such helmets on pilot basis. If its trial yields desired result, we will consider to have it for all field staff, mainly those doing traffic and security duty.

According to reports, about 10,000 traffic cops work in high temperatures in Chhattisgarh and to prevent them from falling sick, the Chhattigarh Police has decided to take this essential measure.

The helmet works with a battery and chip and reportedly, DGP Awasthi has tested it himself. Reports also add that the helmet will manufactured by an Indian entrepreneur. 

The top police officer also mentioned,

As the boss of the state police force, I am committed to ensure welfare of fields staff. This is a step towards that direction.
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Such a commendable and thoughtful decision!