The Vande Bharat Express launched in February seems to have left an impression on Indian Railways. 

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According to the Times of India, The railways now plans to run semi-high speed trains from Mumbai to Pune, which will cut the travelling time between both cities by 40%. 

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if the plan becomes a success, it would mean that time taken to travel 192 km between Mumbai and Pune would be cut down to just 2 hours, instead of the 3 hours 15 minutes taken by the Deccan Queenin. 

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Railways targets 160kmph top speed to bring Mumbai and Pune closer.

Passengers have also welcomed this move of reducing the travelling time by running upgraded MEMU services on routes from Mumbai- Pune, Nashik and Vadodara to cut time. 

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Currently, due to the rail traffic trains can only attain a maximum speed of 100 km/hr. With the new trains, the said authorities are expected to try 100 km/hr at first and then eventually move on to 160 km/hr.