Pollution levels in the country are at an all time high, taking lives and proving to be a matter of grave concern. With the high AQI levels, it’s time we act soon. 

In a recent study, it was found that planting trees is the solution. But reversing the damage already done is not so easy.


In a new, yet highly ambitious analysis, ETH Zurich researcher, Thomas Crowther deduced that planting a massive amount of 1.2 trillion new trees could still save us and get us out of the mess we have landed ourselves in.


Not a small number but it still seems like nothing compared to the destruction us humans have caused. Planting trees is the only, desperate way out of this pressing situation.

But with the rising statistics of deforestation, this goal seems far. Deforestation has played an important factor in global climate change. But forests are still being cut down both for a variety of purposes whereas it should be the opposite. 

Even at such a time, our inability to understand how drastically it would affect us is surprising.


With unusual things happening all around the world like snow turning toxic and blackmelting of the million years old glaciers, extreme weather conditions all over the world, planting trees seems to be a beneficial antidote, probably our last.

The analysis suggests that planting so many trees would cancel out almost a decade of CO2 emissions. 


While the huge number of 1.2 trillion trees can only reverse a decade of damage, what rises is the grave question of what we would need to do for the massive carbon footprint ever since the Industrial Revolution.


The researcher mentioned,

Trees are our most powerful weapon in the fight against climate change.

It is unfortunate that even after setting unrealistic targets, which still won’t completely cover up for the disaster that has struck, we continue to uproot trees for industrial purposes.


While officials may be working hard to stop the matter from getting worse, the researcher suggests that unlike most tech solutions that might not be accessible to laymen, trees are a good solution since everyone can be involved and plant one. The process should not be underestimated. It is on us to carry this forward. 


Our world is in grave danger and according to reports, if we keep going this way, in another 12 years, we will be at a point of no return, nothing will be able to save us from ourselves. 

The catastrophic results of our deeds overtime have resulted in a situation where our last chance is if we plant an unimaginable (but achievable) amount of a trillion trees.


Acting upon the unfortunate situation, reportedly, the United Nations initially ran a project known as the ‘Billion Tree Campaign’, but after the analysis by Dr Crowther, it has been renamed the Trillion Tree Campaign and has already seen 17 billion trees planted around the world.

National Geographic

Instead of cutting down trees, our aim should be replenishing forests as that is our one chance to lower pollution levels. The urgency of saving trees as well as planting more should be taken seriously.

The state of the world is already in pits, but it could be made better if all of us could come together and even plant one tree each. 

The time to act is now. We have a last, frail chance of redemption, blowing it up would be a disaster.