Breathing underwater without the use of scuba equipment is not possible unless you are a mutant or have Aquaman’s powers. But just like James Bond’s gadgets and Harry Potter’s magical plant Gillyweed, this new advancement of technology lets the users breathe underwater with artificial gills. 

Triton is a re-breather that allows a person to take in oxygen from the surrounding water.

It consists of two branching arms, shaped like bicycle handlebars designed to serve as “gills” that extract oxygen directly from the water. 

The artificial gills were developed with micro-porous hollow fiber which are believed to be smaller than water molecules. 

Triton works with a micro compressor that stores the extracted oxygen for human lung use and with the modified lithium-ion battery, users can swim for up to 45 minutes and dive up to 15 feet. 

Instead of dragging around bulky scuba equipment, swimmers can just gently bite into this mouthpiece, breathe normally, and enjoy snorkeling underwater like never before. 

Watch the Triton founder Jeabyun Yeon explain his invention.

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