So picture this.

The Canadian parliament was in session. Leaders in power and in opposition were casting a marathon vote & apparently PM Justin Trudeau was hungry. So he ate a chocolate bar.


Doesn’t sound like news. Does it? But here’s the thing. Eating of ‘any kind’ is prohibited in the parliament.

He was outed by Conservative MP Scott Reid who complained that he ate a ‘bagel’ to “stall the proceedings”. And said this:

The prime minister has already stained this place with corruption, he does not need to stain it with mustard as well.

This was a remark at the ongoing corporate corruption scandal Trudeau is apparently part of.

To the bagel remark, Trudeau replied that it was a “chocolate bar” and that he was sorry. 

Geo TV

The thing that surprises me the most about this is the parliament in homeland where MPs leisurely watch porn during sessions. Some even take a power nap as country’s fate is being discussed.

Naturally the whole ‘chocolate’ controversy drew reactions from Twitter

Someone show them Indian parliamentary sessions, please.