US President Donald Trump has mocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for building a library in Afghanistan. 

The Hindu

Speaking a press conference, Trump defended his push for the USA to invest less overseas. He spoke about many countries piggybacking on US, claiming to have helped in the Afghanistan war. 

The Print

But he singled out Modi and saying that the Indian PM was constantly telling him that he had built a library in Afghanistan, that the former believes, is of no use. As always the US President sparked a heated Twitter debate with his statement.

However, the US President’s words were debunked by basic fact checks run by people on Twitter. 

Meanwhile, some people, as always saw the funny side of things. 

And some were just tired of Trump making stupid statements about his own allies.

The US President’s statements were not only irresponsible but anybody with Google and an internet connection could tell that he wasn’t being entirely truthful.