During a panel discussion, India Today journalist Rahul Kanwal made quite a serious faux pas.

He was hosting a panel discussion regarding the developments in the case of the fugitive Mehul Choksi from Dominica with Rupin Sharma, Nagaland DGP and author of the book Extradition.

India Today / Twitter

During the live panel discussion, Rupin Sharma briefly loses his internet connection. When he was replying to Rahul Kanwal’s question about the possible outcomes in Choksi’s case, his screen went pitch black. After being reconnected to the live feed, he apologised and said that there was a power cut. To which, Rahul Kanwal replied, “Don’t worry, you are in Nagaland, electricity goes off even in India, please go on.” 

However, his mistake went viral on the internet. So much so, BJP leader Mmhonlumo Kikon tweeted that they would invite Rahul Kanwal to Nagaland soon for a geography lesson.

Here is how people on the internet responded:

However, Rahul Kanwal tweeted an apology later, saying he misspoke and that he meant to say ‘Delhi’ instead of ‘India’.

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