Sometimes luck can find you when you least expect it. 

Natalia Escudero, a reporter for RTVE was in the middle of a live broadcast, where she was announcing the winners for a Spanish lottery when she found out that she was one of the winners for the annual Christmas lottery. What luck!

She was at the Teator Real de Madrid where the draw for the lottery was being held and she was apparently covering the news of the winners.

But, little did she know that luck had grand plans for her on the day. After that, she was on cloud nine and she couldn’t stop celebrating with all the other winners out there.

She got so excited that she even went on to announce that she won’t be coming in for work the next day on live television.

Natalia didn’t win the 1st prize but she won a handsome amount of 5,000 euros (Rs.3.8 lakh approximately).

Luck by chance? Like literally!