22 people were killed and many others injured in a stampede that occurred earlier today in  Mumbai’s crowded Elphinstone road station.


There was only one staircase that was used by thousands of commuters on a daily basis to both enter and exit the station and yet nothing was done to change this. 

In fact, even in February, authorities were warned by cartoonist Manjul who had raised his concern about the terrible state of infrastructure and how it was “a major accident waiting to happen.” 

Despite constant reminders, to the authorities, no step was taken to make the situation any better. 

The Railway Ministry acknowledged this concern but even then, no preventive action was taken. 

This is what Prime Minister Modi had to say about the incident. 

This is however not the only tweet that raised alarm bells over the crowded foot-over fridge. Many citizens had been putting pics on social media for the authorities to take action, but clearly, nothing was done. 

A situation like this could have been avoided, lives could have been saved.