When we say people from all walks of life are doing their bit to help in these testing times, we really mean it. 

And, this includes the Twitter army too. 

A 12-year-old migrant boy who took shelter in a park, amid the lockdown, was reunited with his family, all thanks to some Twitter users who made this possible. 


The 12-year-old migrant boy was left by his parents with a relative when the lockdown was imposed but, soon he was thrown him out of the house, on the streets, to fend for himself. With nowhere to go, the boy was forced to stay in a park in Dwarka, all by himself. 


His parents, who are migrant labourers, left Delhi for their hometown in Bihar hoping to return to take their son back home but things didn’t go as planned. 

IPS Officer Arun Bothra took to Twitter to share the young boy’s story. In a series of threads, he explains how people on Twitter came forward to help the boy.  

Yogita, a Delhi resident who went to feed stray dogs at a park in Dwarka, noticed the boy living with the strays. Apparently, he also used to sleep in the park, on a bench, during the night. 

The kind lady kept sending him food for weeks, until her efforts were noticed by Sneha, an animal activist. 

Through her sources, Sneha found out that the boy’s parents were stranded in Bihar’s Samastipur district and they can’t make it to Delhi anytime soon. 

Moved by his plight, Sneha tweeted about the boy and tagged India Cares, urging them to reunite the boy with his parents. 

And, finally their hardwork paid off. Authorities immediately took action. IPS officer Sanjay Kumar, who is serving as the Inspector general (IG) of the Bihar’s Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB), collaborated with India Cares to arrange tickets for the boy’s parents from Patna to New Delhi. 

Twitter was left in tears after hearing this story. 

What a heartwarming story! This is the happy ending the young boy deserves.