Twitter account associated with PM Narendra Modi’s personal website and app was recently hacked as confirmed by the social media giant itself.

The account that goes by the name narendramodi_in has around 2.5 million followers.

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The hacked account had posts asking people to donate to the PM National Relief Fund for COVID-19, and included an address for people to donate bitcoin.

Screenshot of those tweets are now doing rounds on social media.

Screenshots of one of the last of the now-deleted tweets says that the account was hacked by a group called John Wick.

As per a statement by Twitter, the account has been secured and tweets posted after the account was hacked have also been deleted.

We’re aware of this activity and have taken steps to secure the compromised account. We are actively investigating the situation. At this time, we are not aware of additional accounts being impacted.

Earlier in July, the official Twitter accounts of other celebrities like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk were also hacked.


While all these hacks had also tweeted asking people to donate money in bitcoin, Twitter told Gadgets 360 that it has found no correlation between this account compromise and the one in July.

As the news of the account being hacked came just a day after Modi government’s ban on PUBG, Desi Twitter started correlating both and shared memes.

PM Modi’s personal Twitter account seems to be unaffected by this hack as of now.